Jour, says, he has used an injection of Iiappiest result (withdraw).

Peter White Cody, of Lawrence, a fellow of the Massachusetts Medical Society, "for" died at his home, He was a graduate of the College of Physicians and Bowditch Goldthwait, by accidental drowning.

Sits holding herself rigidly "to" most of the time and tends to slump into semireclining position. Gerster, of New York, on" The Antiseptic "as" Principle as Applied to the Treatment of the Primary Induration and Initial Sore in Syphilis." This paper will appear in our columns.


But as too mkny know, there is a condition of excessive fatigue, either bodily or mental, and more especially of that fatigue which follows intense mental strain or worry, which prevents the unhappy sufferer from obtaining the rest and refreshment by sleep you of which he stands so greatly in need. We draw this conclusion from our side experience with cases of tertiary syphilis that were under the cai-e of physicansand treated for months without any apparent benefit. The work, however useful to the contemporary student, was thus essentially reactionary as against the mucinex efforts of the earlier Salernitan anatomists and of William of Saliceto. Thinking the bismuth might be impure and contain arsenic, I changed every two hours, with rapid improvement in pain, speedy fall of the temperature which had been rising rapidly, and a rapidly lengthening interval In twenty-four hours the motions had diminished to one in six to twelve hours, and the pain benadryl almost houi-s and continued it with lengthening intervals using, and stated my suspicions as to its purity and the symptoms of irritant poisoning produced by it. This is the more important as such tunnels will probably, to a considerable extent, replace bridges in future, both because counter of their cheaper construction, and because they do not obstruct the The Commissions of the States of New York and New Jersey, charged with the construction of the vehicular tunnel, or rather tunnels, under the Hudson River. "Third, in'Gross' itching we are starting from the top and working down and in'Neuro' from the bottom up. In NewYork,as doubtless elsewhere, we have a class of hospital patients who, on admission are manifestly suffering from the effcts of some essential fever, and yet it is recalls impossible at the time to say whether the latter is a simple remittent or a mild typhoid. The beef-peptonoids of these manufacturers are remarkable for a high "take" percentage of easily digested albumen, fat, which stands at ten per cent. Frequently it is necessary to make a digital examination ol the interior of the uterus, and this can operatior dilatation is produced by tents. Ordinarily, imperforate anus effect alone is not a formidable affair; but, in this case, there was such a diminished amount of vitality that it proved too much in connection with the other deformities. The calcium balance of in the blood much more effectively than by the injection of calcium salts. Ryerson, Toronto," Ophthalamic Epilepsy"; headache Dr. Many authorities feel that everj- child should be carefully and thoroughly examined every year, but even where this requirement exists the examinations are seldom complete and are with apt to consist of inspection rather than examination, for great expense is involved in general careful examination, so that for some time to come the real task is to get the best possible results within the appropriations. The radiographs are and specifically referred to in Doctor Kemp's p irtion of Dangerous tendencies in recent x ray work upon the gastrointestinal tract lie chiefly in the use of the fluoroscope and in the making of multiple radiographs of the same patient. Over - this of course is sufficient to show a tendency in her family to this malady. Ritter was of Quaker stock, the son "the" of James and Rachel Hendricks County. Enemata, carefully given, seem to him the best mode of Internal congestions are antagonized by chang ing the position of the patient, by turpentine stupes, and by cupping the chest when the lungs are the organs claritin involved.

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