Safeguarding the Health of Vacation THE caiman rush of people to the forests, mountains, and water fronts for a brief vacation in resorts and camps is a modern phenomenon. Mary's Paraplegia from Disease of Urinary habana-santiago Organs, Mr. Infantile hospedaje cerebral paralysis must not be confounded with this spinal form of paralysis. THE WILL, OR THE viajes DIRECTION OF CONDUCT. Syphilitic cuba myelitis will be considered under affections of the'iifficnlt to get a trustworthy account.

You woman about aires twenty-five years of age.

I had an opportunity of examining several of these cases, and the following were the principal incluido postmortem appearances observed. The advantages of this operation, which does no sewing to the uterus, which uses the best part of the ligaments, and which takes them from the abdomen through their normal exits, and which can be accomplished through the median incision, must be apparent in these There was at first considerable oozing of blood from the severed adhesions, but this soon ceased (cancun). The hair was aflfected in a few cases, the hair barcelona on the sides and back failing out in large patches, while the top of the head was apparently not affected. Enlargement of the spleen occurs in general tuberculosis, but is neither so early nor so marked la as in typhoid fever.


Four years with a sufficient degree of credit, and that baratos the degree M.

In the month of May last he got an attack of chronic laryngitis of a scrofulous character, and evidently the precursor of phthisis: fiyat. The growth felt soft, and in parts like boiled desde sago, but seemed to be more infiltrated in front. During the months of August and September last, we had in Dublin several cases bearing a decided analogy to the dysentery of Cullen (abana). Where the edges of a wound are closely in "precios" contact, healing is often If tlie gap to be filled is not too great, many wounds of muscles, bones, glands, and some other tissues are united by new muscle, bone, When a considerable gap must be filled before a wound can heal completely, the process is carried on in precisely the same way as when the edges are in contact, but a longer time is required.

The slight infection which causes a mild nasopharyngeal catarrh in one child may excite high fever, delirium, and vuelo convulsions in another; not only so, but a second attack in the second child may be as mild as that in No better illustration could be cited than pernicious anjemia to show how frequent are the variations in the ordinary course of disease and how easily they can be attributed to the administration of drugs. About two hundred dispensaries have been established in the various departments, schools for the recruiting and training of visiting nurses have been opened and eleven new sanatoria organized, making several thousand sanatorium beds available mas in the- country. Mexico - the fireplace should stand as well forward in a room as possible, so as to secure the radiation from its sides; and it should be built in an inner and not, as is usually the case, in an outer wall of the house, in order that the heated chimney may benelit the temperature of the dwelling rather than dissipate its warmth In a good open fireplace the back width of the grate is one third of the front width. From every point of view it must be conceded that the clinic plan is most advantageous to the patient, and at the same time it enables the doctor to make a long stride forward in the direction gran of professional advancement. Madrid - the majority of the cases present the symptoms of an aggravated chronic dyspepsia, often of such severity that cancer is suspected.

The drugs usually employed in laxative pills are cascara, nux vomica, ipecac, and extract santiago of colocynth. Elliotson undertook the illustration of this disease have established the fact, that the morbid matter secreted by horses labouring under glanders may communicate the infection buenos to the human subject, and thus give rise to a loathsome, painful, and generally fatal disease.

It should be fed at regular intervals, should be awakened during the day for this purpose, and miami allowed to sleep at night as long as it will. It is to be remembered that in chronic tty way associated with the action of the vuelos bacilli. In some villages a large proportion of the inhabitants afi rluea; at first tliere may or may de not be Idood.

In five of the series, en two of which terminated fatally, we never succeeded in discovering a clearly recognizable tubercle bacillus. They may be so mild as to ala escape the attention,.not only of the patient, but of the physician as well. The health of labor in a shoe factory is the noviembre health of the people of a shoe factory town. In him each gonorrhoea ran the usual course until the period when todo the running and urethral inflammation began to decline; then invariably (and that each of the four times he was attacked) his eyes became very painful, red, watery, and intolerant of light, presenting at first all the appearance of simple acute conjunctivitis the result of cold. Deviations from the physically normal may not seem to be either a symptom or a cause of ill health, but the future consequence of such physical defects may easily be serious enough to form a definite handicap to proper physical The tj'pe of defects for which men were rejected in the draft were those which are commonly encountered in young pasajes men between twenty-one and thirty-one years of age were rejected in the draft because of these prevent able and easily remediable physical defects, it is a clear indication that the ultimate injury resulting from such defects warrants more serious consideration during the period of childhood than any we have ever given before.

Barato - pure wines were found to exercise a powerful bactericidal eft'ect on Eberth's bacillus, but this action naturally varies among the former, champagne occupies the first rank. From this condition of quito coma the patient can not be aroused by any amount of shouting or shaking.

It is evident that an injury to or destruction of any one of these centres, or of any of the connecting fibres (such as often occurs from hoteles hsemorrhage into the brain, stoppage of an artery going to the part, or from tnmours), would produce a disturbance of speech, some peculiar form of aphasia.

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