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If a bet is made on any number of straight heats, and there is a dead heat made, the heats are not straight, and the party betting on straight heats loses.

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With this position he is in undisputed power over the racing situation in California and other Pacific Coast States (dealer). Clock, light blue in color, and one Sony fifteen-inch, portable, color TV, tan in color with black knobs." Example:"Items used in measuring and packaging of marijuana for distribution, including, but not limited to, cigarette rolling machines, rolling papers, scales, and plastic Example:"Papers, documents, and effects which show dominion and control of said area, including, but not limited to, canceled mail, stencilled clothing, wallets, receipts." If given, a fine or a fine and forfeiture combination may not exceed the maximum amount of forfeitures which may be adjudged in a case Maximum punishment listed for each offense in Part IV, MCM At SCM, a fine may not be combined with forfeitures STEPS IN HANDUNG SEXUAL HARASSMENTCOMPLAINTS Original complaint or certified copy received Includes all documents submitted by complainant and intermediate endorsers Signed and sworn by complainant Addressed through respondent and appropriate chain of command Clearly identifies respondent (and only one respondent) by name and title Reflects complainant has made a prior request for redress from respondent Facts and circumstances giving rise to alleged wrong(s) are detailed and Personal detriment or harm suffered from alleged wrong(s) detailed Requested relief may be granted in command channels Acts not initiated or ratified by the respondent Requests for disciplinary action on another Other DON procedures exist for redress of the specific type of complaint Return complaint and advise complainant of nature of defect Advise complainant that complaint will be acted on despite defect only if If redress is denied for failure to cure improper joinder (complaints may not be joined with complaints of other individuals) or lack of timeliness, OEGCMJ must If cognizable complaint, OEGCMJ will conduct inquiry into complaint Ensure complainant receives copies of all endorsements, enclosures, and adverse matters added to his complaint (including results of any inquiries ordered by OEGCMJ) and that record reflects that complainant received such If relief is granted, include documentation of relief granted or that action to effect relief has been directed specific findings as to which complaints were determined to have merit and which were found to be without merit OEGCMJ personally signed report to SECNAV setting forth action on complaint of complaint, all information considered by OEGCMJ, and the action of Marine Corps activities forward the report via CMC evidence relating to the alleged offense from the legal officer. Indeed, if the trial had then taken place, he should have been oompelled to make this appHcation upon very imperfect grounds. Bush went to the locker room favoring his left ankle, but later said he did not expect to first team to beat the Saints in the to the Ravens.

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