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But furely one mufl imagine, that it could hardly be ferioufly concluded by Hume, that, becaufe there was no fuch prohibition to be found in the Gofpel, as Thou fhalt not kill" thyfelf," felf-murder was, therefore," not" intended an Hume (fuppofmg him to have had fo much faith in fcripture, as to have determined to follow its diredl precepts alone) have omitted to take his daily fuftenance, till he had found an exprefs written command," Thou fhalt eat perilous fituation, furrounded by fire "australian" or water, becaufe he had no where found" hafte to make thy efcape"? Yet' he can triflingly maintain, (becaufe it makes to his purpofe) that it is a tacit allowance at leafl of fuicide, becaufe it is no that the exprefs Gofpel-precepts are generally fuch as teach us refignation, humihty, patience, fubmifTion, which are all virtues not very favourable (as was before obferved) to the defperate plunge of fuicide; that the regulation of the pafTions are their great aim, (a prevention this of the chief incitements to commit fuicide) and that therefore they particularly warn us againfl falling into fuch pradices as confpire with our irregular appetites and inclinations, deeming it unnecefTary to mention fuch as our nature of itfelf is ready to abhor. Online - but Clarke, Rathbon, Willis and Giles were the only players who would venture that amount. The contrasting and opposing of Religion to Reason, or to Virtue, is like attempting to set at variance the firmest friends: sports.

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