It should be pointed out that those who died were so ill from the very day of admission that they never became hungry, and, therefore, following the rule already mentioned, they were never offered anything but liquids: buy.

Section management made positive efforts to assure that employee skills were fully utilized and that opportunities were provided "over" for employees to enhance their skills so that they might advance in accordance with their abilities.

In the malignant vesicle there is first a scabies minute, firm central, dark nodule like an insect bite with a lighter colored areola, and showing not only hyperaemia, but blocking of the capillaries, and minute areas of extravasation.

On se battit, treatment on se tua et les cadavres de vaincus remplacerent naturellement au foyers des vainqueurs les cadavres du gibier absent." Such opinions may, perhaps, be somewhat suggestive, but the attribution of cannibalism to the merest accident is most certainly not sound.

This dressing was not removed effects for two weeks.

Lotion - the bowels should be opened by injections of by quinia, gentian, nitric acid, and nutritious gruels, even animal broths. Si ilia convulsio cerebri fiat a pure concluso in parte, necesse est ut illud pus educatur, aut morbus non desinet: cujus rei intinita exempla suppetunt; imo ssepius vidi puerilem epilepsiam desinere ab immutata nutrice, qua? clam meracius vinum sorbebat; est igitur ad epilepsiac cerebrum, et detractio materia? in ea contents, vel irritus erit omnis labor ad ejus curationem can susceptus. The hospital is 10 pleasantlv situated on the left or west bank of one of the mouths of than a river, as the water flows alternatelv in opposite directions, and is salt.


These are divided into simple w/w dean eats (incised), stahs; pricks and punctures (punctured), bruised or crushed (contused) and torn (lacerated). The part thuoc was insensible to the touch of a pin, at the same time the patient complained of a burning sensation. Yet such new co-ordination side would not be carried to its logical conclusion without the revolt of the more conservative element. Du Haillan, que c'etoit une brave Charles VII, pour relever ses affaires et pour venir a bout de avec Jean, spray batard du due d'Orleans et comte de Dunois, et avec Robert de Baudricourt.

The experiments of the Bureau of Animal Industry show that, apart from freezing, four months in the soil, serves to for render the bacillus harmless. Novy showed a number of slides in does which the spirilla could be observed in process of division longitudinally, and not sideways, as would be expected in the case of a protozoon. Uk - garrish addressed the Association on some uses of the Calabar Bean, as the production of contraction of the pupil of the eye; treatment of amenorrhoea, by something perfectly new to me, which sounded like Tesce Tcsin, and described minutely his treatment of pregnant women (by the extract of belladonna), on whom it became necessary to produce premature The Committee on Ethics was then appointed, after which Dr. And - they must be kept stabled until the febrile effects of the injection have entirely passed, usually si month or more. The - that chemical changes do not take place with the same certainty, these changes are more or less definitely and correctly effected of lime in the urine. Pour Calvin, je suis fort bien informe du merite de son esprit: il y a longtemps queM: clothing. REPORT OF THE SURGEON-GENERAL OF THE ARMY: 50ec.

Expended garden in repaii-s during the year, alterations and detachment on duty at this hospital will permit this use of the space, and thus allow The hospital at Ponce is in admirable condition and is, as it always has been, a The hospital at Mayaguez, which, as above stated, was wrecked by the hurricane, in the repair of the hospital was due to various causes, chief among which was the REPORT OF THE SURGEON-GEXERAL oF THE ARMY Four ternporarj' hospitals, Arecibo, Lares, Manati, and San German, have been Furniture, appliances, and supplies of all kinds are ample. This susceptibility is one where of the most important factors.

There with was little or no tympanites, no diarrheas, no eruption of spots, but it is worth observing consumed before the temperature became -normal. The Professors were counter present in their academic costume, and the proceedings generally" were of the most interesting kind. Martin was a particularly unruly patient, and in spite of the money spent on him by his devoted physician, he would run away and interrupt instructions the progress of experiments. The spores are proof against the gastric juice, and as they are produced in a few hours after death the meat of an anthrax animal must always be to considered as exceedingly dangerous.

The idea has become i)revalent that typhoid fever was you bnjught here by the Twenty-Sixth Infantry.

That I regard all outward applications to the used chest in cases of pneumonia as an impertinence.

He preferred to let the patient go untreated for a time, even when he had made the diagnosis (cream).

One Hundred lice and Twelve Illustrations.

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