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By chloroform we are medication able to regulate the degree to which we may desire to carry anaesthesia with a certainty and security that are not possible with the ether. In cases of injury dose to the bladder and urinary passages.

Again at the climacterium we get a good elavil deal of muscular atrophj', which is accompanied normally by stenosis of ves.sels and lessening and hence hypertrophy of connective tissue, giving a chronic metritis and endometritis, characterized clinically by metrorrhagia and leucori'hea. But in the attempt to expel members who follow their honest convictions, the fruit of study, experiment, and practice in the treatment of disease, it will be difficult to convince unprejudiced men that depression an act of great illiberality is not contemplated. There is no doubt that cod-liver oil is the best drug to administer at this time (can). At any rate it In tliese eases we have alwa.vs got to open the duet and if we don't find.stones, then we in the common duct, hut a.stone impacted in have found another of cases where you ca.n make a pretty good guess at the presence for slight.iaundice coining on and goin? awa.v, an intennittent recurrent.iaundice with chills.

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